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Golden Rovers

Discovery 1 & 2 Tailgate Table

Discovery 1 & 2 Tailgate Table

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Cutting board sold separately. Here are some suitable ones you can purchase: option 1, option 2, option 3option 4, option 5.

Huge Surface - Quick Setup - Long Lasting

Dreaming of an epic cook-out with a view? This table has enough space for your full size stove, and enough room for prep at the same time. The 44" x 18" surface area is made in the USA with food grade 304 stainless steel. All hardware is stainless too. Compatible with Discovery 1 and 2. 

This table is made to last. No scratching, flaking off, or oxidation to worry about. If it does scratch, it can be refinished with an orbital sander and 60 grit sandpaper to match the grain. Truly the last table you will ever need.

*New in V2* Extra bends have been added for rigidity. You can now slide a cutting board under the table! Any 1/2" thick 18" wide cutting board will fit. Here are some suitable ones you can purchase: option 1, option 2, option 3option 4, option 5.


  • Requires specialty tool: rivet nut setter
  • Subwoofer needs to be removed permanently.
  • Cutting board sold separately.
  • Table Surface: 44" x 18" (1118x458mm)
  • Weight: ~28lbs (12.7kg). Note: Removing the subwoofer assembly saves 9 lbs. So the table only adds an extra 19lbs to the door.
  • Material: 304 stainless steel
  • Weight Capacity: 50lbs (22kg), spread evenly.
  • Made in Monroe, WA, USA
What's Included:
  • Table assembly
  • Mounting bolts, rivet nuts, bump stops, 9mm drill bit.


304 Stainless Steel

Care Instructions

Surface scratches

Use any orbital sander with 60 grit sandpaper to match the grain of the table.


Too many fingerprints? You can apply a thin coat of food safe oil (such as cutting board oil, mineral oil) to the surface to hide fingerprints.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Louis Sandoval
Great addition to my D2

Clear instructions, perfect fit. Instead of the 24" wide cutting board i put in a 30" or more surface area. I also added a small aluminum shelf, which fits perfectly with the table folded up. You will need a cobalt drill bit because the steel on this table is very hard. Here's a link to the little shelf. RV Aluminum Foldable Shelf-...

It's a game changer

Golden Rovers understands that the space inside your Rover is what's most valuable. I've been mentally designing a tailgate table for some time but never executed and then GR drops this one. It was a no brainer... ordered it the moment I saw it.
Installation was 90 minutes and required minimal tools.
Everything I wanted out of the table is there. I'm just back from 4 days on the White Rim and the table worked so well I forgot it was there!! No rattles or noise of any kind when driving.
I have retired my folding table and gained that space back. Thanks Golden Rovers!

Finally found the tailgate table of my dreams…

For years I have wanted a tailgate table for my Disco 1. I wanted a metal one but thought the days of buying a nice table were gone. No one has made one in years- thought I’d have to resort to a home made wooden one. Found this one and it is great!. Hardware is top spec, all well thought out with no interference problems. Went on easy, great easy to follow instructions. Not trying to be a fan boy but they do make some well thought out stuff.
I added some Dynamat extreme behind the door panel. Not really necessary but I thought it might help.
The only thing I had happen was the pin for the latch to keep the table up came loose. I put some loctite (Red) on it and problem is solved.

Ben Dykes
What a piece of kit, everything about this table is literally perfect

The table arrived quickly, and was really easy to fit thanks to the detailed and concise instructions, once fitted it was ready to use, really strong, lots of space, really quick and easy to set up, easy to clean. This is the best table for a disco 1/2 that money can buy.

Robert Mathews
Perfectly Engineered

I jumped on this perfectly engineered tailgate table quick. I had a wooden set up and was working with a fab shop to do a metal one when this came out. I was extremely impressed with the quality and durability. They packed it carefully. The instruction were easy to follow and install went smooth. On D2s you will have to drill out the holes to fit the nut serts 3/4 bit and 10 mm socket. Since I already had the back panel off and subwoofer removed my install time was about 30 min. It might take 45 min more if the back panel wasn’t removed. I did use the subwoofer space for storage and created a pocket using sound proofing material. I might use the subwoofer plug to wire up some 12v lights or utility plug. It is perfect for cooking and food prep. Perfect for camping or overlanding.