What is Golden Rovers?

It started from this idea: what would happen if we gave the Land Rover Discovery the attention it never got, but truly deserves? I mean, really push the envelope for quality and thoughtful design. We could transform the ownership experience, and extend the life of these underrated beauties.

Our Story

Founded by husband & wife, Daniel & Emily, Golden Rovers emerged from a desire to offer US made, aftermarket parts for D2s. 

Our ownership journey began in 2019, when Emily decided she wanted a D2 “because they look cool & offroading looks fun". She did a little research on the forums before buying and told Daniel "sometimes they have problems, but what are the odds this one will have any problems?"

Turns out the $2,000 D2 they bought from a used car lot had ALL the problems. The head gasket blew within the 1st week. Three Amigos joined the party. None of the windows rolled down, locks were jammed, the sunroof wept water every time it rained (we live in Western Washington...so that was everyday). You get the picture.  

We became backyard mechanics real quick. 

Then in 2021, while offroading, the Disco went through a large puddle, at a considerable speed, and got water in the intake. She did not immediately hydrolock, but ended up throwing a rod 10 miles from home. Note: Buy the snorkel.

Enter the LS Swap. 

Daniel swapped in a LS engine over the spring of 2022. Our Golden Rover, Lady, lives to fight another day. She’s a Brit with a Yankee heart. 

Then, because we can’t get enough, we purchased a second Icelandic Blue D2 in 2023. 


Why Golden Rovers?


Golden /ˈɡōldən/:

  1. Color: While unverified, it seems the most common color of D2s in our area is the white gold.
  2. Condition: Generally used to mean in good condition or good to go. Example: All good, you’re golden. 
  3. Age: We believe D2’s are in their golden era, and deserve the best. 


Our Mission

Our mission at Golden Rovers is to empower enthusiasts by providing them with the highest quality parts and accessories to rejuvenate and restore their Discos. We aim to foster a community of passionate individuals who share our love for Discos and value the importance of reliable, top-tier products.

Stay Golden