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Golden Rovers

Discovery 1 & 2 AMPS Dash Panel

Discovery 1 & 2 AMPS Dash Panel

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New in V2:

By community request, we have added two little notches at the top, to allow you to run wires into the dash, without cutting and re-soldering any connectors! (Updated pictures coming soon)

Say goodbye to flimsy suction cup mounts. Finally, a versatile paltform to securely mount phones, radios, tablets, UltraGauge, camera, and other devices.

Fits Discovery 1, 2 and RRC soft dash (1995 models)

How does this work?

This grid mounts to the dashboard and offers a sturdy base for mounting any 4-hole or 2-hole AMPS-compatible device mounts. Unfamiliar with AMPS? It is a standard pattern consisting of 2 or 4 mounting holes spaced in a 38mm x 30mm rectangle.

No device mounts are included with this product. However, many high-quality AMPS device mounts are available from other manufacturers! Contact us if you need a recommendation.

How does it install?

Installation is a beeze, and no drilling is required. Simply slide the base piece into the pre-existing vent slots on the dashboard. Then install your device mounts, and secure the top grid to the base piece.

We provide 3 self-tapping screws to further secure the mount. These are optional but can help add more stability for vehicles with warped or sun-damaged dashboards.

What's included?

  • Powdercoated steel base
  • Powdercoated steel grid
  • All necessary hardware

So, what are you waiting for? Grab one of these and design your dream cockpit setup!

Made in USA.

Install Instructions


Powdercoated Steel

Care Instructions

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Rohan Grace

Golden Rovers' dash panel is a perfect fit and quality product. Great installation instructions and communication from Daniel and Emily.

Perfect Dash Mount Solution

This plate mount is super solid and was a breeze to install in my Disco 2. Well thought out by the team at Golden Rovers! This is definitely a must for Disco owners! You will not be disappointed by the quality and easy installation.

Kram Rover
Solid Dash Plate for D2

The dash plate is built solidly and is thicker than expected!!! Thanks for the referral A.Kidd. As for the overall installation it was simple but tricky because of the removal of the vent plate. I lost one of the clips inside the system :(. Once I removed the vent plate, the bottom plate insert was easily clipped in and secured down with the self tapping screws. I then installed the
4-Hole Base Mount with 20mm Ball and the 7cm arm to the switch plate which is perfect spacing and length for my devices. I bought mine from Amazon - i used Bulletpoint. Once the base mount 20mm balls were installed I tightened everything down to the bottom plate insert and was surprised how solid this mounting plate was and above all it fit flush. As you can see i have some empty mounting plates (one will be for gopro and other will be for a tablet). Ill share my long term evaluation after a few months of offroading / highway driving. So far very impressed with GR first the Center Console Switch Plate and now the dash just doesn't get any better than this thank you GR !!!

Great solution

This is such a game changer to be able to mount various devices on the D2 dash. iPad for mapping software, GMRS mic, etc. Quality, materials and design are excellent. Installation and instructions so easy. Well done Golden Rovers.

Great product!

The panel is very easy to install and looks factory. Now I can go back to Quad Lock to buy the base for my phone and ditch the suction cup mount.