Tailgate Table - Version 2 Changes

We're happy to announce that the second batch of Tailgate Tables is almost ready!

We’ve been hard at work fine-tuning every detail after receiving feedback from our first batch of tables. (Thank you everyone for your honest reviews). Here are the changes we’ve made:

Added Extra Bends

These extra bends make the table more rigid. They also allow us to add new features:

Optional Pull-Out Cutting Board
(Not provided with the table)

The extra bends create a slot that can fit a standard 1/2" thick, 18" x 24" cutting board. Here are some suitable ones you can purchase: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Future Mounting Of Molle Panel

(Mock up)

In the near future we may offer an optional MOLLE panel that can be mounted to the holes provided. 

Slightly Shorter Table Surface

We did this to be able to fit a standard 18" cutting board, but it had other benefits:

Now the table is (mostly) compatible with the OEM cargo cover! You just have to hold the cover up a little as you are shutting the door.

It also saves a bit of weight. The new table comes in at 28lbs. Once you remove the 9lb subwoofer, you've only added 19lbs to the door.

Other Tweaks

  • Added nylon washers to the slide mechanism for smoother operation.
  • Eliminated potential rattles
  • Simplified assembly

Thank you for your continued support, feedback, and enthusiasm.


Stay Golden,

Daniel & Emily

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