Tailgate Table Backstory

Emily here at Golden Rovers. 

Today is Valentine's Day, and for all you lovely people we’ve officially launched our Tailgate Table for Disco 1 & 2 into the world. 

I would say the tailgate table was the catalyst to Golden Rovers. Here’s the origin story:

Before Golden Rover was ever a serious thought, in 2021, we wanted a rear table for ourselves. We had seen others make tables on Youtube and there were some great ideas out there. But we never saw a full size table. 

So with that idea, we set out to make our own. Off to Lowes we went (multiple times). With our template from the OEM rear door trim we cut out some plywood. Added a piano hinge at the base, used eyelets with a chain & bungee cord to secure it shut. And we were Golden. 


Was it crude? Sure. Did it rattle like hell? Yeah. Did the PNW rain bend and warp it over time? You bet. Would it harvest mold? Probably, in the right conditions. 

But it worked for weekends off-pavement. We cooked many meals. She served us well.  

We knew this was a prototype. We knew we’d have to revisit the design and redo it at some point. We just did not know that the design would end up being for a business. 

Fast forward a few years. Golden Rovers is now a full fledged company (business license and all) and we knew we wanted a table on the market. It’s the first thing we set out to make. 

Then came the brief of requirements: 

  • Fits both the Disco 1 & 2 universally (Thanks Gunnar for lending us your D1 for months! The real MVP for the D1 crowd) 
  • Durable
  • Not too heavy 
  • Good looking
  • Easy to install 
  • Competitive price 

Easy peasy right? Not quite. We went through revisions, prototypes, and field tests. Daniel designed and fabricated other items while we waited weeks between production runs on the table. (Have your checked out our Center Console Plates for D1 and D2 & Ditch Light Bracket?)

We wanted to get it right. 

So while it took longer than we thought to get it to market, we are extremely happy with the results. I mean... look at these before and after photos. Hopefully you agree! 



Thank you all for your support & well wishes in our endevour to bring you Disco parts.

Stay Golden! 



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Great thoughts and details. The fact it works for Disco 1&2s is quite amazing. I like the logo added in the final cut, so professional. *chef’s kiss


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