June '24 Disco of the Month: Rockie Rovers - Golden Rovers

June '24 Disco of the Month: Rockie Rovers

Introducing our June 2024 disco of the month courtesy of Rockie Rovers! The "Iron Rover" is named after the comic book legend Iron Man. In this build they took a 2003 Discovery II and made it completely offroad capable, while still keeping the drivability for everyday life. Featuring a redone p38 4.6L engine block with a 04 transfer case for all your diff locking desires.
Rockie Rovers started with a father and son that loved building discoveries. When the son was 12 the father bought the family their first disco. From there the duo worked on it day and night and it was a real bonding experience for the two of them. When the son turned 16 his dad gifted him the discovery they worked so hard on. 6 months later someone was making a left on red and ran into the discovery they worked so hard on and totaled it.

This led the duo to not be sad about the situation but rather thrive on it. Enter Rockie Rovers. They built the iron rover with the goal of being more than just a rover. Something that would set people free. They picked up a stock form of iron rover and made it their goal that this rover would help more people than just themselves.

This build took many forms and a lot of time and energy to restore to its former glory, including a full top end rebuild. That's just the start as this build features a 4 inch lift to accommodate the 16 inch rims wrapped in some BF Goodrich 33 inch tires. In order to make this function for everyday driving and off road capabilities, it has been fitted with bbs brakes, rock sliders, a roof rack, custom front and rear bumpers, skid plates and sway bar disconnects. This beast is truly made for every situation life throws at you. Inside the cabin has been retrofitted with a foldable radio screen and of course the Golden Rovers Dash Mount (would you really have it any other way?). 

The owner states they drive it every single day and has had next to no problems after the restoration was complete. They currently do tours in Arizona to help locals "escape the matrix” while showing them how cool discos can be at the same time. They are looking to keep upgrading the iron rover more and more for hopes of conquering the Rubicon some day.

Until then we will keep a watchful eye on what they have planned out for the future as they want to build custom discovery builds to fit your every need. Give them a follow on instagram @rockierovers and @iron_roverd2. If you want your own build or want to go on an adventure with them go to their website www.rockierovers.com to learn more about them!

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